the role and purpose of anti-BBCTrust is to demonstrate that the British Broadcasting Corporation is consistently failing to meet its public and ‘Charterised’ obligations _
there was once a time when the BBC had a global reputation for honesty_ when a huge portion of the world’s population turned to the BBC in times of crisis BECAUSE IT WAS SOMETHING THAT THEY COULD TRUST _
sadly that is no longer the case and every member of present-day BBC staff_ from the very highest rank to the lowliest_ are directly responsible for or complicit in the destruction of  this valued reputation _

An Appropriate Interlocutor
in the last decade the author of this blog has been involved in a variety of connections with the BBC_ including being the subject of a BBC2 documentary_ feature guest of a BBC local radio station and a full participant of the public research forum for the BBC Charter Review in 2007 _ as well as regularly contributing to BBC ‘Have Your Say’ forums and corresponding directly with various BBC departments about serious and even legal matters that required corrective actions _
because of this protracted involvement_ albeit as an ‘outsider’_ this author considers himself well-placed to provide an appropriate public record of what is rightly considered by many to be the ongoing decline of services and standards of the BBC

An Open Invitation
members of the public who have been adveresly affected_ either by the practices of the BBC or the BBC Trust_ whether within the United Kingdom or elsewhere_ are cordially invited to participate here _
You can use the comment box below to bring your complaint to attention
or email anti.BBCTrust@gmail.com
Please be as detailed as possible in anything you want to report _ include the date and your interface with BBC staff _ (telephone, email, website etc) _ and copies of correspondence or documentation you have either sent or received

i am looking for contributors who regulary use BBC services that i’m not participant in _ this includes both BBC1 and BBC2 TV channels_ Radio 1 and 2 _ and non-English World Service channels

the anti-BBC Trust looks forward to hearing from you!

as with some other areas of this recently created blog_ this About page should be seen as a ‘work in progress’


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