Not All Bad

This page focusses on areas of BBC production or services that are deemed worthy of note or praise _ credit should be given where it is due and this is done here in the hope it might encourage and inspire the BBC to improve the standard of other operations and departments _

Suggestions and contributions to this page are also welcome _
to participate please see the About page

# 110512 _ dropdown menu ‘jargon buster’
a small piece of online programming used to great effect and conforming with the BBC Charterised purpose of education _ impressive!
this example is located here about halfway down the page _ it would be nice to see much more use of this kind of thing on the BBC News website

# 140412 _ natural science photography and film

Nowadays_ when people DO praise the BBC_ it’s mostly to do with camera lenses of some kind_ and the detailed focus and sense of exploration of natural science which is indeed done very well _  
‘Naturalist BBC’ is an example of an ‘area’ that has survived more or less intact during the last decade of  ‘post-modernist progress’ (a polite way of describing BBC corporate-creative momentum!)
We must hope that well written_ beautifully imaged _ natural science BBC projects such as this article below_ don’t ever become another victim to the ‘quantity over quality’ school of thought that is certainly a hallmark of the incumbent BBC Direction Group!

Emperor penguins counted from space


# 230312 _ a swift and polite response from BBC Monitoring

Both management and staff in the main body of the BBC would do well to learn from an excellent example of ‘best practice’ that is clearly the style and attitude employed by BBC Monitoring _
In direct contrast to the ten days of silence i have so far received concerning my recent ‘general research enquiry’ on the BBC News website and/or the still unexplained attachment of a senior BBC journalist who is closely connected to the editing of the BBC website_ following this blog via Twitter _ the connection i had with BBC Monitoring was both timely and informative  _
this vastly superior performance may well have been because BBC Monitoring only concern themselves with the requirements of ‘private customers’ such as other sectors of the BBC and various government departments whom BBC Monitoring refer to as ‘stakeholders’ _ by contrast the BBC News services_ including the website_ need only pay grudging lip-service to members of the public who presumably have already paid their TV licence fee and must therefore endure whatever level of shoddiness BBC staff might be capable of mustering _
but for all that_ BBC Monitoring provided an excellent call-back service to my enquiry _
Well Done and Thank You

# 130312 _ interactive displays

One field in which the BBC News website has always excelled is with its use of Flash technology to better explain or delineate ongoing news stories which have become increasingly complex as they unfolded _
an excellent example of this can be seen in a BBC synopsis of the UK ‘phone hacking scandal’

viewers are able to use either ‘mouseOver’ or ‘mouseClick’ on each of the dots in this display_ thereby increasing their knowledge of the overall diagram

It should be noted that advances in web-technology_ most especially in mobile phone software_ are gradually making Flash redundant _  it must be hoped that this BBC ‘field of excellence’ will be maintained even as the technology moves forward_ rather than becoming yet another ‘past glory’


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