the decline of the BBC

this blog has been created as part of a campaign to monitor and publicise the decline of the United Kingdom’s national broadcaster_ the British Broadcasting Corporation _

much of this measurable decline was begun within the last decade_ and is not solely confined to such material areas as the corporation’s broadcasting and programme quality but also in the realm of social and even ethical considerations_ such as the abrogation of its responsibilities to transmit the highest standards of English grammar (and spelling!) both nationally and internationally _

as well as these general considerations there has been a marked increase in the use of both propaganda and censorship by the BBC during this same period_ which has not gone unnoticed either by professional bodies or academic institutions _ such incidents include but are not confined to_ continual references to the occupied nation of Tibet as a province of its aggressive neighbour China_ and the removal of the word ‘Palestine’ from music and songs played and broadcast on both national and international airwaves _

this blog will endeavour to collate and publicise all corrections and correspondence with the BBC in the hope that doing so will in some measure contribute to the maintenance of the highest possible standards of journalism publishing and ethics across the whole organization that is BBC _
with regards to BBC censorship or disinformation_ having highlighted such incidents the blog will_ wherever possible_ offer arguments and theories as to why each incident has occurred _

readers reports of any kind of infraction by the BBC are most welcome _
to contribute to this blog please visit the About page


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